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It's no secret that many adolescent boys struggle to open up about their life challenges. Whether facing tough times, battling low self-esteem, or simply seeking support, many find it hard to discuss their issues.


The Man Project offers a free one-to-one life mentoring program that brings numerous benefits to men, their partners, children, communities, and workplaces.


Every man can find value in having a life mentor—a supportive listener who guides them through their journey. Our mentees come from diverse backgrounds: from store clerks to managers, bankers to drivers, retirees to students, and those in between jobs. Mentoring has proven to be transformative, helping individuals from all walks of life turn their lives around for the better.

  •  Mentoring group sessions. Monthly facilitated group mentoring sessions in neighborhoods, schools, and churches in Central Alabama. This involves group sessions where mentors can connect with multiple students and allow them to connect with peers and mentees alike for conversations related to the curriculums assigned for the designated academic school year. 

  • One-on-One Mentoring: Providing personalized support for youth, allowing you to focus on individual needs and goals.

  • Monthly 'Born 2 Lead' Sessions: These sessions are designed to explore, learn, and uncover youth leadership potential. You'll have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions and activities with the students. Our past 'Born 2 Lead' sessions, such as our Civil Rights Tour, Oil & Brake Change Workshop, Camping Trip, Community Cleanup, Etiquette Class, and Handyman Skills Workshop, have been a testament to our commitment to diverse and enriching experiences. ​

The Man Project focuses on community empowerment through three unique mentoring experiences all designed to instill leadership skills and practical life lessons:


From Boys to Men: Empowering Youth Through Mentorship


Our program philosophy is simple: We are here to support, uplift, and guide young boys as they transition into adulthood.


Our community-based mentoring model serves middle and high school boys ages 7-17. The program comprises various components, including weekly in-school gatherings, open community sessions, monthly mentoring workshops spanning three hours, and continual guidance and assistance for mentors carefully chosen and vetted.


Whether it's throughout the academic year, over summer break, within churches or civic groups, The Man Project is dedicated to providing boys with:


  • A community of mentors and role models who listen, encourage, and empower them.

  • A community of men who model integrity, accountability, compassion, and respect.

  • A community where boys are empowered to speak their truth and encouraged to take responsibility for their choices.

  • A community where boys feel supported, listened to, and valued.

  • A community where boys see their peers are facing similar challenges and they are NOT ALONE in their struggles.

Our monthly gatherings blend leadership opportunities, peer mentoring, and activities designed to boost self-esteem. These sessions are overseen by The Man Project's staff members and bolstered by volunteer mentors. Group sizes typically range from 12 to 40 boys, maintaining an average ratio of seven boys to one mentor.

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