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In School Mentoring 

2023-2024 Academic Theme: Each One Teach One 

September: Being Reliable, Consistent, Patient and Persistent


October: Helping our Neighbor


November Goals: Public Speaking 


December Goals: Business 


January: Aspirations/Future Endeavors


February: Black History Month 


March: Medicine/Wellness

April: Government 


May: Finances 

Our flagship initiative, the in-school group mentoring program, is the cornerstone of our efforts, providing consistent weekly support to boys throughout the academic calendar.


In collaboration with esteemed educational institutions across Central Alabama and neighboring districts, we team up with school administrators to pinpoint boys who may be vulnerable to academic setbacks, dropout risks, involvement in delinquency, or affiliation with gangs.

Moreover, our mentoring sessions under The Man Project are inclusive, welcoming boys from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, fostering vibrant and varied group dynamics.


Notably, 40% of our current participants lack paternal guidance, while over 95% come from households relying on free or reduced lunch programs.


The efficacy of our community-based mentoring model has garnered commendation from school principals, administrators, and teachers, lauding its proven ability to enhance academic performance, bolster attendance, uplift attitudes, and mitigate disciplinary issues, expulsions, and dropout rates among our most vulnerable boys.


Records from participating schools reflect a significant positive shift among boys engaged in our program. Over the course of a single academic year, participants experienced an average GPA increase of 27% and a remarkable 85% reduction in disciplinary incidents.


To comprehensively assess our impact, we employ a range of evaluative methods, including surveys, analysis of GPA and behavioral metrics, attendance records, testimonials, and collaborative case studies with local universities.

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