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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the regular questions about The Man Project  mentoring program here. If you don't find your question feel free to e-mail us at 

 01  Who can participate with The Man Project mentor program? 


The Man Project: Influence today for a better tomorrow mentor program encourages participants at any career stage from a student, or job seeker, to CEO. Both women and men of all backgrounds are welcome in the program. Although the program was designed with young men in mind, we recognize the important role of females in supporting The Man Project's mission and the unique perspectives women can bring to a mentoring partnership. A woman, as well as men, are welcome to participate in the program as mentors.



 02  How do I join?

  • Start by letting us know you are interested - we'll match you with a mentoring ambassador who can help you navigate the program and find the best options for your situation.

  •  Go to our page and click on "Give us your feedback"  Notate how you'd like to participate and to what capacity  (Note: This requires a minimum $15 annual contribution to help us cover the costs of our programs).  If you have questions or concerns with the annual contribution please contact The Man Project Team Leader Marcus Laister)

  • As a mentor, indicate your availability and preferences for being a mentor. As a mentee, we will search for a mentor through the directory of mentors available to each specific need. 




 03  How does The Man Project  Mentoring Program work?

We offer three program models.

  1. After-school meetings: Boys voluntarily attend these weekly after-school groups.

  2. In-school meetings: Boys with academic and/or behavior issues are required by school administration to attend TMP group session during school hours. Boys to Men staff work closely with school administrators to provide additional support for these extremely at-risk boys. 90% of the boys in these groups are fatherless.

  3. Evening groups: Open to all males located in Central Alabama 



 04   Why be a mentor? 

While Mentees usually participate in mentoring for one or two basic reasons, the reasons for Mentors wanting to do so are more numerous and varied. They may include: 

  • Opportunity to affect the future of those working in renewable energy

  • The benefit of giving back to the industry and professional community

  • Continued personal and professional growth

  • Personal satisfaction

  • A desire to see more adolescent males succeeding and reaching new levels across the field

Mentor role and responsibilities:
As with Mentees, The Man Project expects that mentors will also exhibit the following characteristics to help facilitate a productive mentoring partnership. 







 05  How will The Man Project ensure confidentiality?

The Man Project understands that with a program of this nature, confidentiality is a concern. Each mentoring partnership will define for itself what the nature of their mentoring partnership will be, including what types of information will generally be discussed.  If either mentor or mentee has a concern about confidentiality regarding certain matters that will or may be discussed during the mentoring partnership, we strongly recommend that those concerns should be clearly identified, discussed, and resolved as soon as possible at the outset of the mentoring partnership with your mentoring partner.  We strongly recommend having a conversation with your mentor/mentee up front to clearly define expectations. Things we strongly recommend you discuss at the outset of the mentoring partnership, whether or not either mentoring partner possesses immediate concerns, are as follows:  (1) what, exactly, will constitute “confidential information”, and what the exceptions are; (2) with whom, exactly, may confidential information be shared without the recipient mentoring partner obtaining further permission/consent for such disclosure to particular third parties from the mentoring partner who provided the confidential information; (3) for what specific purpose may the confidential information be used; and (4) the term for which the confidential information must be kept confidential.  We emphasize that the burden is on you and your mentoring partner to establish these parameters.


From an overall program standpoint, your contact information is given to the Mentoring Committee and Mentoring Ambassadors so that they can check in occasionally and provide you information about the program. Occasionally you may be asked to take a survey about the mentoring program; the results of the surveys are anonymous and disconnected from submission emails which are sometimes retained in the case of giving out gifts for completing the survey, etc.



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