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Community Mentoring 

Community Mentoring 

To provide our services to boys not attending school at one of our partner locations, we hold monthly meetings that are open to all boys in Central Alabama interested in attending.

The Open Community Mentoring Group follows the same meeting structure as our in-school groups; however, this group is typically comprised of middle & high school boys as well as alumni program participants. Because of this, the group tends to discuss more mature topics.

We also utilize the Open Community Group to possible mentor participants because these groups tend to run smoother since the boys are more enjoy the structure of our meetings. In addition, all Journeymen, both present and alumni, are invited to attend these meetings keeping all of our Boys to Men community connected no matter where they are in life.

Parents and guardians interested in their young men attending these groups are encouraged to call our office (205-476-2653) to speak directly to a staff member to determine if the Open Community Group will be a good fit.

We currently Open Community Groups located in Jefferson and Shelby County.

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