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Community Mentoring 

To expand access to boys who are not enrolled at one of our partner schools, we host monthly gatherings open to all boys across Central Alabama who express interest in joining our mentoring program.

Our Open Community Mentoring Group mirrors the structure of our in-school sessions, yet it typically comprises middle and high school boys along with alumni program participants. Consequently, discussions within this group often delve into more mature themes.

Moreover, we leverage the Open Community Group as a potential mentorship platform, as these sessions tend to operate seamlessly due to the boys' familiarity with our meeting format. Furthermore, we extend invitations to all Journeymen, both current and alumni, ensuring our Boys to Men community remains interconnected, regardless of their life stage.

Parents and guardians keen on enrolling their young men in these gatherings are encouraged to contact our office at (205) 476-2653 to engage directly with a staff member, facilitating a discussion to assess the suitability of the Open Community Group for their child.

Currently, our Open Community Groups are situated in Jefferson and Shelby County, offering accessible avenues for participation.

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