What (practical steps) to being a better man is all about......

January 6, 2018


Being a man is about using your will power to chisel out what you want from life. Being a man grants you the ability to decide for YOURSELF what path in life to take. A real man always assumes responsibility for the circumstances that he has created. This is part of the evolution and growth of every man. At some point in his life he has to own that all of the wealth he has attained, or lack-of, both spiritual and physical, is the result of his own actions.

As a man you reach a crucial turning point in your life once you decide to take responsibility for your circumstances, and instead of being a victim to your environment, you decide to change things by looking for opportunities. When an opportunity presents itself, a man will not hesitate or falter if it is line with his purpose.

When you take responsibility for yourself and then use your power as a man to serve others, there are some key components of expressing yourself energetically as a man to be aware of.



How To Become  a Better Man


1. Learn to say NO.

Being a man means being able to put your foot down and say no. Sometimes you need to scream NO. In a society of people who love the idea of being average and maintaining the status quo, it can be difficult for the modern man to stand up for himself. This type of conformity strips men of their inherent masculinity and potential to become powerful and great men.

It is becoming more and more socially acceptable to “fit-in,” and stop working on improving yourself. Be a good worker-bee and do not forget to punch in. Do not listen to music while sitting at your desk 8 hours a day. Make sure to have that report on my desk by 3 P.M.

You have to draw the line at some point. I recommend that as a man you define what your line is for yourself energetically, in your professional and personal life. Once someone crosses that line you do not think twice about telling him or her, very firmly, that the answer is NO. Reclaim your independence by setting firm boundaries that no one ever gets to cross, regardless of the circumstance.

It may not always be easy to say no, but a real man does not allow himself to be compromised on his boundaries as a man, and he lives with the consequences of his decision.


2. Claim your space and territory.

Powerful men will express their dominance and claim their territory. This is done with a strong mind and body above all else. I am talking about truly being Alpha.

Being Alpha does not mean that you run around punching your chest and being a brute, this is not Alpha. Alpha is being calm, breathing deeply, and expressing yourself in the moment.

Alpha means that you claim your space and project your energy as a man. Standing tall, breathing deeply, and speaking loudly and clearly makes you Alpha. There are times sometimes where I can personally admit I do not always feel comfortable expressing myself to my full ability, but I have learned that whenever you feel this way you have to FORCE yourself to express yourself completely.

Stand up tall, breathe, smile, and EXPRESS yourself clearly. A real man does not cower, slouch, talk lightly, scowl, or choose to be weak. These are all postural expressions that are completely within your control as a man, so choose to be more Alpha.

3. Stand up for those who are weaker or in a lesser position than yourself.

A man who has the ability to build others up should always do so. This is the most powerful skill as a man that you have. I am not saying that you go out and waste all of your energy on charity, but I am saying that you always be a positive influence on those around you that can use it.

See someone who is upset? Ask them if they are ok and let them know that you are there for them.

Is someone getting bullied or unfairly blamed for something that you know is not his or her fault? Stand up for them and make it clear that behavior like that will not be tolerated, you do not have to explicitly state these words, just make it clear with your tone of voice and firmness.

Always use your masculinity to bring out the strong points in others, help those who can be helped and are open by showing them their strengths and limiting their negative beliefs.

4. Energetically protect and serve those in your family, and closest friends.

A man protects and serves his family and loved ones. It is part of your responsibility to exude energy of safety, strength, power, and love, to those around you. It is not someone else’s, your parents, your friends, or your job and money. A man is responsible for creating the vibe of security and strength for his family.

Your loved ones can greatly benefit from the presence and influence of a strong man in their lives. When they need help, you drop everything else you are doing and commit to them. You honor the relationship and bond you have with these people above all else.

By using your unique talents and energy to help your family, they will be there to build you back up when you need it the most, and a time will come where you do need them, trust me.

5. Produce more than you consume.

A real man has a higher purpose and dream that is bigger than him. It is bigger than his bank account, his social life, his day-to-day job, and maybe even his family. A real man is always working to pay what he owes to society and those who gave him the means for survival growing up.

As a man you will always strive to produce as much value to others as you possibly can. By serving others you can fulfill your deepest needs as a man, which is to build and create.

My purpose as a man is to show other people how to maintain a strong body and mind through approaching their health holistically. I aim to help as many people be healthy emotionally and happy as I can, so that the energy I use in the world is worth something and growing in value. I work each and every single day to achieve this goal harder than anything else in my life.

When a man is producing work that is fulfilling his purpose and serving others, it seems that there is not enough time in the day because his work consumes him. It becomes passion. And passion is much more motivating than just a “job”.

 6. Always have integrity.

A quick Google search defines integrity as:

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
The state of being whole and undivided.

Integrity means that you have a strong moral code that guides you throughout life. Some examples of my moral code are things such as:

I will never contribute to any form of business, association, or activity, which is not in-line with my values of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

I will not steal.

I will never cause direct harm to others or talk ill about someone.







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