About us......


Although we offer team building as well as individual class sessions ,we also have sessions that are built towards 


After-school meetings: Boys voluntarily attend these weekly after-school groups.

In-school meetings: Boys with academic and/or behavior issues are required by school administration to attend TMP group session during school hours. Boys to Men staff work closely with school administrators to provide additional support for these extremely at risk boys. 90% of the boys in these groups are fatherless.

Evening groups: Open to all males located in Central Alabama 

How it works.

Every week (or biweekly,monthly,  whichever accommodation fits the school and/or organization)   TMP mentors show up at middle and high schools to offer boys:

  • A community of mentors and role models who listen, encourage and believe in them.

  • A community of men who model integrity, accountability, compassion and respect.

  • A community where boys are empowered to speak their truth, and encouraged to take responsibility for their choices

  • A community where boys feel supported, listened to and valued.

  • A community where boys see their peers are facing similar challenges, and they are NOT ALONE in their struggles.

The weekly meetings combine learning, fun, leadership opportunities, peer mentoring and self-esteem building exercises. All meetings are facilitated by one or more TMP staff members, and supported by volunteer mentors. The group meetings range in size from 4 to 40 boys with an average ratio of 4 boys to 1 mentor.

The meetings follow a 32-week curriculum designed to help adolescent/ teenage boys cope with typical problems and issues at home and school, and bring awareness and intention to the important choices all boys face in their adolescent development.


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